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Get Good Credit is a fully bonded and licensed Credit Repair Consultation Company. Our express purpose is repairing our client’s credit in an efficient and timely manner, while advising them on what steps to take to maintain their high credit score far into the future! We’ve removed serious and hard-to-dispute items like collection accounts and bankruptcies, and we offer services to further improve your standing with loan officers and creditors. These deluxe restoration benefits are available to anyone and our payment structure is custom tailored to match your credit goals.

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Get Good Credit is a veteran Credit Repair Consultation Company staffed with knowledgeable Credit Consultants, who have a long history of improving their client’s scores quickly and efficiently. We understand how credit works and can give you customized advice on how you can increase your own credit!

Plans Tailored To Your Needs!

Not only do we offer payment plans tailored to fit your income and specific needs, but we’ll listen to you and what your desires are for your credit, so that we can give you the hands-on, personal treatment you need to achieve them!


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When you sign on with our services, you have the ability to log in to your personalized account and see exactly how we’re working to improve your credit!

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When you choose to become an authorized user on one of our seasoned tradelines (engineered to make your credit score go up) you’ll see an immediate increase in your credit!


  •   Mia was amazing, she answered all my questions and performed exactly the way she said she would.  I was concerned about some of these credit clean up companies being shady and scams.  This is my second time using them ( one for me and then a scene to
    E for my mother's credit).  It is not a scam and it works great
    .  Thank you Mia!

    thumb Nick G.
  •   I was pleasantly surprised as to the expediency in which Brittni worked. Within the first 45 days majority of my negatives were addressed.  I am confident that within the following 45, all of my negatives will be a memory of the past. Not only is Brittni patient, she is knowledgeable and willing to answer all of your questions no matter how small. She is also responsive either when you email or call. I would recommend this to anyone in need of credit repair for a reasonable cost, knowledgeable staff and exceptional service!

    thumb Mike W.
  •   I started with Fix Your Credit Consulting in December 2018. I read up on all the credit repair companies and I felt the most comfortable with this one due to the overwhelming amount of people who sounded like they were in a similar situation as me. After my free phone consultation it was pretty much a no brainer. My poor score has been limiting me from all kinds of opportunities and I was contemplating hiring a BK Lawyer. Thank God I didn't hire that lawyer because this company has been incredible. By following their advice and letting them do things on their end while I do mine, my FICO has increased by close to 150 points in just 3 months. Last night I just got approved for my first credit card in over 2 years. However, this time I'll be using that card the right way to help increase my score further. We still have a ways to go, but working with this company is a partnership and if you listen to them then you won't be dissatisfied. I want to thank Brittni for all of her help so far. She goes above and beyond for her clients. She's patient with your questions, she keeps you in the loop, and she explains things very clearly. It's been a blessing to work with her thus far and I'm really grateful for this company.

    thumb Rory O.

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